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~ The Paw Tales Day Camp ~

Your dog no longer has to stay at home alone while you are away at work. The Day Camp is open Sunday - Saturday.

Bringing your dog to Paw Tales' day camp takes away the worry for you, while allowing your pet to play and learn good socialization traits by interaction with other dogs

All Day Play: $20 - Half Day Play (4 hours or less) $15

For dogs who stay at camp multiple days a week, discounted package rates are available.

Supervised Activities:
The day camp is organized and supervised by dedicated, trained & caring staff, ensuring safety and quality play time to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Never kept in kennels or cages while at camp, your pet is allowed time for both indoor and outdoor play.

Plenty of toys are available for the dogs to play with, including "Kongs", rope tugs, and balls in various sizes.

Year Round Availability:
Both indoor and outdoor areas are available for those attending day camp, allowing year round care, play and relaxation with their doggie friends.

Day Camp Hours:
Open 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year - 7am - 6pm

Our Webcam Lets You Watch the Fun:
The day camp is equipped with live webcam which lets you watch your pet's daily activities and fun during their stay at Paw Tales Lodge & Day Spa. This gives you complete peace of mind while away from your pet.

Interested in Sending Your Dog To Day Camp? Please download the required form:
~ Day Camp Form - Download Now!

As well, Paw Tales Lodge & Day Spa needs a copy of your pet's up to date vaccine records prior to their visit with us. Your veterinarian can fax them to us at 828-327-0106, or you can bring them when they check in for their stay.


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